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April 4 , 2018: Assignment 4 posted. Due on Wednesday April 11th at the start of class.

April 4, 2018: Quiz 4 on Monday April 16th. Details here.

March 20, 2018 On Wednesday May 16th SAIT will be hosting the annual Explore-STEM event. Grade 9 girls from schools in and around Calgary are invited to our campus to experience a variety of IT-related topics. The objective is for these girls to consider IT as a good career choice. Our activity is to solder an electronics project called "Brain Game". We need about 6 volunteers to make this day happen. You'll be needed from about 8:15AM to about 2PM. Gianna will be helping out as well. A box lunch will be supplied. If you are interested and available please send me an email along with your permanent mailing address (we will send a thank you letter for your portfolio). paul.godin@sait.ca

March 7 , 2018: Sorry about missing class today. Fighting a bug and I lost my voice. Please take time to review the Fiber Cable presentation that we will address next class.

March 7, 2018: Quiz 3 on Monday March 19th. Details here.

March 7 , 2018: Assignment 3 posted. Due on Monday March 19th. I will give you a printout next class.

March 1, 2018: Quiz 2 on Monday March 5th. Details here.

February 4, 2018: Assignment 2 posted. Due on February 14th at the start of class.

January 17, 2018: Quiz 1 on Monday January 29th. Details here.

January 17, 2018: Assignment 1 posted here. Due on Wednesday January 24th at the start of class.

January 2018: Welcome to the ELCM-254 course web site. In this course we will be exploring cabling, including copper and fiber optics, both in lab and in theory classes. Cable performance, selection, installation and structure will be addressed. The information you will receive in this course is very relevant to the broadcast, networking and telecom industries. Graduates have frequently stated that this course was one of the more important ones when starting their careers, and for summer jobs.

This "Announcements" section of the site will contain course-related news. Please take a few minutes to explore the site and to read the information posted below.

There is no specified textbook for this course but there is ample Powerpoint. See the Modules pages. Parts will be supplied in lab.

There may be additions and adjustments done to this site during the semester. Please let me know of any problems you may encounter or any suggestion you may have.


Archived Notes:

February 25 , 2014: Wondering about the Structured Cabling & Telecommunication Cabling Industry? Check these links: Cabling Installation & Maintenance Magazine & Yahoo Finance.

As the number of data centers continue to increase worldwide so does the demand for network & telecommunications cabling. Although the industry forecasts a reduced growth rate of cabled desktop connections, the infrastructure continues to grow in all areas due to an increased demand for bandwidth and accessibility. This is primarily because clients expect data networks to eventually handle all telecom traffic, including television, video on demand, streaming applications, voice, data, security, gaming, etc. Good news for us. See Internet traffic graphs. Updated here.

Course Outline and Schedule

The planned course Schedule is in the Modules page. The course outline should have been emailed to your student email account.

Course Introduction

This second semester course will explore physical layer communications from a technical and a practical, industry-relevant perspective.

Suggested textbooks:

I think all of the Structured Cabling standards have changed over the past 5 years so it is difficult to find a textbook that has kept up with these changes. Here is a list of suggested textbooks should you need more written information on structured cabling. Although the standards continue to evolve the basics don't change very much:

I hope that you enjoy my powerpoint slides because they are reviewed and updated every semester!!

Course Workload

Course Evaluation

All assignments, exams and in-class work are mandatory to meet the minimum requirements for successful completion of this course.

It is mandatory that a student achieve a passing grade in the technical component (out of 85) to pass the course.


As a student learning a career skill, it is important to develop the theoretical, practical and professional skills that are required for a successful career.

Learners are evaluated on professionalism in these areas:

I personally emphasize the following:



(Please refer to the Student Policies Manual for details.)


Student Guideline:
"The policy of the Board of Governors is to expect student attendance in all aspects of every program."

Lab and Theory classes have attendance requirements (detailed in the Student Policies).

E-Learning Guidelines:

E-Learning specific guidelines are available in the ICT Student Guide and in your Laptop Agreement.


While in class, students are not permitted to distract either the instructor or other students in any way. For instance:

Email to the Instructor: FOIPP:

The Freedom Of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPP) does not permit instructors to share marks or other student-specific information. We cannot transfer such information via Email or the telephone. If you want to determine your status in a course, please discuss it in-person with the instructor.


Instructors are available to meet with you one-on-one, based on individual schedules. Plan your time, and book early. See the Instructor Page of this site for more details.

Assignments and Labs:

Assignments and Labs are expected to be done on an individual basis unless otherwise specified. Copying assignments, files or labs is regarded as plagiarism and a violation of school ethics, and will be dealt with accordingly.


There are tutoring services available although this course is quite specialized and tutors may take time to schedule or may not be available at all. If you would like a tutor for this course please meet with the instructor first.

Skill Training (Recommended):

The Learning Skills Center offers many short seminars on important skills such as effective studying, notetaking, time management, personal budgeting, test writing tips, how to deal with stress and other topics. Check out the school web site for details.

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