Every aspect of a résumé must be perfect. Your résumé must impress an employer with your expertise, experience, potential and character. A résumé is about creating a good feeling using carefully crafted pages to entice an employer to meet and speak with you in person.

It will likely be one of the more difficult documents you will ever have to write.

This Site

Composing the first post-graduation résumé and cover letter can be challenging. Being new to the market, grads are technically prepared to enter the workforce but often feel uncomfortable and unfamiliar with the business dynamics of the industry.

Graduates often ask about their approach to searching for a first career position and request comments on their résumés, but some have received advice that I disagree with and may not be applicable in technology-based fields. Examples include:

  • "never use acronyms". In a technical field, spelling out acronyms such as HTML, SATA or MOSFET is bad idea.
  • "single page resumes" is advice often given. A two page résumé is a much better idea for several reasons.
  • "don't include non-business related experience". Some personal experience and interests are important in establishing a person's character.

Other areas of disagreement include:

  • advice on what to wear (one stated "wear a cordovan leather belt" and "a conservative watch"....what? really?).
  • how to answer certain questions during an interview such as career aspirations.
  • what important traits you need to focus on.

On this site I share my experience, thoughts, ideas, tips and feelings on writing résumés and cover letters, and preparing for interviews. It’s important to note, however, that I am only one person with a formed opinion on résumés and opinions from other people should also be investigated and considered.

Getting the First Job

Getting a job relies on more than just a good cover letter, a great résumé and an excellent interview. There are other factors including luck, timing, and help from a network of people that you know and keep in touch with. This site has ideas on improving your chances for all aspects of the hiring cycle.

Stay positive; being unemployed is only a temporary state of being. Skilled people are in high demand. The toughest part about a career is finding the first job.

Please explore the site. I hope you find it helpful. Send any comments or suggestions you may have.


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